LED Grow Light-US Warehouse



  • I would recommend this light for any new grower or a seasoned veteran. The light is really bright, the fan's addre really quite and my girls cannabis plants just love it! One of the best things about this light is that it Does Not put off alot of heat which is one of the biggest obstacles any grower will have! If you buy one, you will not be disappointed! I will be buying another 1! This light will give you the biggest bang for your buck!
  • my plants are enjoying it as well..and their customer support etc it's amazing.. they send me gifts as gratitude for purchasing their products.. and I think that's so cool.
  • I purchased this light because I have 6 plants that need allot of light . First impressions the light seemed to be well made with all necessary hardware to use right away. The light has 4 fans and a daisy chain plug with safety cover installed, metal wires that hang the light were coated and are sturdy, the plant hanger was plenty long enough and well made also. My favourite feature of this light is the remote, I have 5 other grow lights and this one is hands down the best one i have ever owned. The remote has temperature, humidity and a built in timer that no other light that I know of has built in. The remote also controls the three light switches grow, bloom and full spectrum all with the push of a button. With all those features and power of the light I have done away with 5 lights, a timer and a temperature gauge which makes my grow room look cleaner and more efficient. Heat is not a problem with this light it never goes above 75 degrees running 18 hours a day. The plants have responded well running the light on full spectrum and have noticeably grow bigger every day and are fruiting peppers.