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    Works great was worried about quality at the price but its extremely nice made of metal and the leds have a clear piece of glass over them to protect from damage as well as 2 cooling fans. Ive had no issues at all running it 24hr/7 days a week for 3 months.
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    I now have 5 of these. One for my aeroponic cloner and 4 in my 4x4x80 tent. In the fifth week of veg and growth is phenomenal. No issues at all with the lights. You do your job and they will do theirs.
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    Really good products , it works great with my succulents and other indoor plants as well. I could see my plants growing healthier and greener after using for one week. Overall I would recommend this product.
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    Once I received the light, I immediately took it out of the box and plugged it in. All I can say is WOW !!! That is one very bright light. I immediately found a spot to hang it and moved all my plants to the table. I think they are in love now.
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    This light has been working great so far, and has improved the size of my flowers, I will purchase another to match it when my 2000 watt light goes out. It’s quiet and has a built in fan , and is L E D, to help with the bill.
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    Great product and even better price. I'm using the light in a 4x4 tent. The plants have been in flowering for 3 weeks and seem to love the light. I can visually see a difference in the flower production from passed harvests. about 50% bigger flowers and 100% better looking plants. I grow in soil and have been for some time now I use little to no nutrients; so all the flower production I am getting is due to this light. great product. Would def buy again.
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    Can't wait to get them
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    These are fabulous fixtures for indoor plant propagation/farming. They are very bright and my plants (mostly cuttings) react extremely well to the Veg (blue) light setting. I haven't had them long enough to test the effects of the Bud-promoting (red) light array. YES, this light panel can switch from blue to combined blue/red and then to red only for budding! These are quality grow lights and should do the trick very nicely. I'm thinking three (3) of these light panels will be more than enough to effectively light up a 4'x4'x8' tent with reflective sides. With the proper setup, you can grow corn (or tropical plants) in the corner of your spare bedroom when there's snow on the ground outside!
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    I like this light so far. I just got it so I need to wait till I've had it a while to know if it will hold up. I run an 18/6 cycle on my tomatoes and the plants are thriving. They were thriving before though with a small 150w hps light so... I replaced that light on the advice of several sources on the web. This light is way more powerful but runs quite a bit cooler. I will post again in a few months when I know how it holds up over a longer period of time.
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    This is a really heavy duty, well made, quality professional grow light. We got it to help support our hydroponic tomatoes growing in the basement. We had tried a different light prior to this one, and this one has finally caused our plants to fruit. It’s a full spectrum light, so that means our tomatoes are getting the best quality sunlight; and should mean higher yields. It’s a powerful, professional-grade light.
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    This is my first year using these grow lights for starting my garden indoors. I have had them for a couple months now and I must say that I am very pleased with the results.
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    Absolutely amazing ten days apart and my girls are thriving I ordered a second one for a friend and will be ordering a third for myself for a secondary HIGHLY recommend.
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    These are solid lights. Not real loud and cover a good amount of area. with 3 lights in a 4x8... I'm nearing the end of flower now with 18 3 gallon autos and ended up with 6 of these to cover the 4x8 area. There not loud and are great starter lights. They do put off a bit of heat. Keep that in mind when planning. With the 6 and two other smaller lights its just about 80 with a full size fan, two 8 fans and two 6 exhaust fans going outside. The tent is 8x8.
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    This is not my first Light. I was so impressed buy the quality build & performance. I'm more than likely gonna get another one.
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    amazing! I. Been looking for a LED that has a strong output of UV for my plants and wow! This light is perfect! My plants look crazy amazing and grew an extra 3 inches almost over night as soon as I installed it. Super easy ready to go out of the box! Just hang it and plug it in and done! I'll be keeping this company in my back tool belt.
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    Great light for a great price. Has a real good space coverage the output heat is not strong like other lights so it won't burn your plants but will definitely grow em good. Fan inside works well and is very quiet. I am purchasing another one and would definitely recommend.
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    These are by far amazing and superior LED lights to the competition.
  • US$ 129.00



    I absolutely love this light I’ve had it for about 7+ months. I’m really eager to buy a second one. The product has worked well without fault.
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    These lights are high quality and work extremely well. The light output is blinding and plants love it. The heat output is definitely low, but still there. If in a small space it will heat quickly. The one complaint I have is the cables to hold the lights have slipped out of their crimp and dropped a light on to one of the plants. We replaced it with a thicker gauge of sturdy wire and haven't had issues since. I have and will continue to buy this brand. Out of the several different lights received, none have had manufacturing defects and all leds have worked.
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    Everything came and plugged it in and everything works great will write again in 3 months and let you know how it worked. I'm back!!! Light works great, I made a few mistakes with this grow to small of a container 3 gallons not big enough... Next grow I have 10 gallon containers am going to need another 2000 watt light to go into my tent (48 ×80 ) need 2 for this size tent. Will recommend to my friends and others that ask. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME A GROWER
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