Introduction to solar energy monitoring system

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Introduction to solar energy monitoring system

Introduction to solar energy monitoring system

Using solar monitoring system to solve the problem of environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, highway monitoring equipment power supply becomes a super fast, super effective, super convenient way. No need to erect power lines and one-time investment, save trouble and worry, safe and reliable; Solar monitoring system without manual operation (automatic control), with economic, energy saving, environmental protection and other characteristics. Besides, solar power supply is a kind of clean energy which consumes neither resources nor pollution emission. It has long service life, stable performance and low maintenance cost. Is  advocate the promotion of new energy, accord with energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon economy concept of environmental protection.

Features of solar monitoring products:

(1) Determine the capacity of solar power generation according to the specific situation of solar energy resources and load power consumption in the region;

(2) Ensure the continuous and stable power supply of all monitoring equipment;

(3) The monitoring equipment should be equipped with all-day power supply. The power supply time for oversized equipment is 24 hours;

(4) Economic, practical, reliable and safe;

(5) Continuous use of rain, up to 5-7 days (can be increased according to customer requirements);

(6) can provide DC12V/DC24V or AC220 output voltage at the same time;

(7) Lithium battery is used as energy storage equipment, the operating temperature is between -40℃ and +60℃, with high life and performance;

(8) The use of special lightning protection technology to ensure the stable operation of the system, free from thunderstorm interference;

(9) The special controller for monitoring is used, which does not interfere with the normal reception and transmission of monitoring signals.

The solar monitoring system is composed of a solar module, a solar charging controller, an adapter, a battery and a battery box group.

UEIUA Solar Power professional controller technical features:


Main functions:

Unattended, automatic control equipment operation;

PV+Power technology; Solar panel startup + battery activation function;

Light time control function, support night start and day close and day start and night close;

Internet of Things function, can realize remote control, support remote restart, load switch;

Controller external plus full waterproof potting design, IP68 protection grade.

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